When a mess is good for your health

There’s a strip of land along Wilson Avenue in Toronto that you can’t walk along without getting tracked in mud.  The trees that once populated that area are gone and replaced by construction workers and heavy machinery.  The bus stop has been moved and traffic has increased.  It can get quite noisy too. Definitely an end to life as usual.  But no one is complaining about the messy inconveniences.  Why is that?  Because before you know it that same space will be the home of a brand new, state-of-the art, green hospital.  So the mess becomes a lifesaver and health centre. It reminds me of the brush with death that converts to the desire to really live, the toiling under the sun that brings forth the harvest, the tough times that refine and define who you are, and the pain of childbirth that is extinguished as a new life enters the world.  When things seem bleak, and the difficult and noisy mess of becoming is hard to bear, isn’t it nice to know that a transformation is in the works while your life is “under construction”?


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