The Element of Surprise

I like surprises!  From receiving an unsolicited recommendation to the arrival of a birthday package filled with love and gifts, life’s “twinkles” of sunshine always brighten my day and mean the world to me.

Some surprises like finding books on your wish list on sale for 50 cents at the library or running into someone you haven’t seen for a while happen by chance. Some of the sweetest surprises spring from deliberate actions we can all do.  Even the things that seem so small can fill a heart with joy. There is power to bring a smile and change someone’s life contained in the “I’m thinking of you” message, staying up a few more minutes to respond to an email, “liking” a status or link, that anonymous donation, the sincere compliment, the words of encouragement, the vote of confidence, the invitation, the thank yous, birthday wishes and congratulations you send someone’s way.

You may even be surprised someday to hear about how your “little surprise” arrived just in time to make a big difference.


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