Traffic Lights the Way

There’s a new traffic light in town and it’s got the neighbourhood excited.  Yes, left turns can now be made with ease.  No more mad dashes through ongoing traffic. No more forever waiting for an opening. The green, yellow, and red lights steadily direct the flow of traffic like choreographed clockwork. That corner has become a safe, synchronized place where people breathe easier and smile more.

The familiar tri-colour lights used to guide traffic are universally understood as green for go, yellow for yield or caution, and red for stop.  Imagine if, as we navigate through life, we got in sync with the signals life beams at us. We would go ahead and give a green light and keep that promise, extend a hand, talk to a stranger, go take the high road, go the extra mile, go after our dreams. We would yield to the needs of others and whatever our circumstances asks of us.  We would scope our surroundings and look, listen, and learn our way to wise and meaningful decisions.  Above all we would stop and deny access to the crash lane en route to what’s not right or the best way to go. Yes, just imagine that!


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