Welcome to MaRS…There’s No Place Like it on Earth

Since September, MaRS Discovery District in Toronto has become like a second home to me.  Not just because of the community I’ve tapped into while attending the top-rate weekly Entrepreneurship 101 lectures. It also happens to be a welcoming gateway that extends into windows of opportunity and the doorway leading to the steps to success – a happening place where you can hang your hat and gather around the table along with the wall to wall bright minds and innovative organizations that occupy the building. I never leave without feeling energized and hopeful.

Strategically located a heartbeat away from the some of the nation’s best teaching hospitals, buzzing financial district, government chambers and halls of higher learning, it easily converges into a definition of paradise for any entrepreneur.  With its crack advisors, stimulating and enlightening educational programs, vibrant events, expansive network and on-line resources, MaRS is fully equipped to carry out its mission as “an incubator for Canada’s next generation of growth companies.” Beyond that, it is an undeniable link that strengthens global economy and raises the quality of life on planet earth.  At its core, MaRS is about prosperity in the truest sense of the word.  It collaborates, promotes, and partners with people who make it their business to enrich the world we live in by making it safer, healthier, wealthier, and more enjoyable.

Wherever you are on earth, a visit to MaRS in person or on-line will greet you with fresh perspectives and the tools to cement a solid foundation for building your life’s work. Whether you’re ready to launch an enterprise, need some advice, inspiration, or money, want to have fun plugging into the entrepreneurial conversation, or pick out a venture you’d like to invest in, come on over to MaRS and make yourself at home. There’s no place like it on earth.  And you’ll be landing among great company.


2 thoughts on “Welcome to MaRS…There’s No Place Like it on Earth

  1. mazemangriot

    I have wanted to get to Toronto since I was a child. I live in the US and have family in Buffalo. The closest I’ve made it was Hamilton. Something always happens. I hope to get there soon. Take care and thanks for sharing.



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