The Power of One in Community

My friend Wendy is the sole missionary in the remote, poverty-stricken community of Mbayi in Africa. To fulfill the call on her life, she left the safety and comfort of friends, family, a steady paycheque and a beautiful home to live where mosquito bites are deadly, lizards and snakes roam freely, and death and disease hover at her doorstep. In just over a year, she has saved lives with medical care that would not have been possible without her.  She has mothered the orphans, embraced the elderly and transformed hopelessness into possibilities. The community that feared whether they would survive another season have grown crops, raised chickens and goats, now own a mill and are living a life that was once just a feather dream blowing in the wind.

Wendy would be the first to tell you she didn’t do it alone.  Before she stepped into the land she now calls home, those who know and love her started to partner in her cause and adopt the people in the village she ministers to.  Fundraisers and donations poured in to offset living out a vocation without an income.  Shoes, socks, sweaters, jackets, blankets, snacks, and money have made their way from Canada to feed, clothe, and comfort the people we have come to know through Wendy’s blog PART OF THE (IM)POSSIBLE.

It is truly amazing how much change – and indeed how much good – has come from the presence of that one person.  How awesome, too, to see how a community of outsiders who care rally together to embrace a people far away, on the other side of the globe. That’s the power of one living out her call and the power of joining in to extend the hands of hope that have touched and improved the lives of the people in this remote community in Africa.

Here are some of Wendy’s pictures of the (im)possible year full of change. I think you’ll agree the smile on her face says it all.

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You can be Part of the (Im)possible too. Wendy’s story continues to unfold as you follow the blog, follow her on twitter, or follow your heart to the community-building that lies in your power to share and to give.


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