Have I Told You Lately…

It’s funny because it’s so obvious to us we expect people to instinctively know we think they are smart, funny, gorgeous and the joy of our lives. It hit me the other day how often the message gets missed simply because it was not expressed. Have you ever been delightfully surprised by something that was said about you or seen someone’s face light up when they heard your unexpected words of praise?  Mighty powerful stuff, those words! So easy to give and a treasure to receive.

Maybe we could unleash a “Have I told you lately…” movement.

Starting today, why not make a point of telling people we love them, think the world of them, or enjoy working with them? Why not remind them they are great friends, parents, musicians, homemakers, breadwinners, coaches, decorators, mechanics, that they are talented, compassionate, patient, beautiful, courageous, fun to be with…

We could surprise people with “Have I Ever Told You Lately…” notes in lunch boxes, inboxes, on sticky notes, desks, mirrors, windshields and even across the sky. The possibilities are as wide as the imagination stretches and the positive effects go as the deep as the ocean floor. Best of all, it is well within our reach and draws us close enough to touch the lives of others.


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