Memory that Sticks

To your right ladies and gentlemen is a one-of-a-kind artifact that is more precious than gold and rivals the best performing stocks on Wall Street for return on investment.  It looks just like all the others like it on store shelves, and not by any means among the expensive, shiny toys you’ll find just a few aisles away.  But I wouldn’t sell mine for any price, nor would any price be too high to get it back if I ever lost it.  By far, it is one of my most valuable and treasured possessions and I bet you’ve already guessed why.  Safe inside this device live copies of some of my best work, important documents, the amazing bookmark designed by one of the most wonderful and talented human beings on this planet, and all those priceless, irreplaceable photos.  Which goes to show once again that it is what’s inside that counts.


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