Life’s Seasonings

Not too long ago, this tree was barren and dusted in snow.  Soon it will be laden with delicious fruit, ripe for the picking.  It’s the circle of life that goes around. Things come and go. They change and get rearranged. Distinct seasons.  Transformations shaped by the hands of time.

What the future holds we cannot see until tomorrow comes.  Our yesterdays remain cemented in the past, out of reach once they are gone.  What holds forever true is nothing, absolutely nothing stands in the way of making the most of every season at the moment and share the fruits of our lives with others.  No matter what, who we are is something we carry with us everywhere we go, all the time.  So why not hang our branches low within easy reach for people to grasp who we are and enjoy all we have to offer?

Life has a way of bearing fruit in due season.  Time after time.


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