EnJOYing our Wildly Freeing Commitment

The freedom and joy in commitment

It’s crazy, but it’s true. I have found holding up my stack of commitments to be wildly freeing and a source of ongoing joy. You’d think latching onto the scary “c” word would make us feel tied down, noose around our necks, robbed of time that is no longer our own, bristling over surrendering some of our hard-earned cash. Contrary to what would make sense, the voluntary giving of ourselves to a cause, a project, a conviction, a goal, or a precious human being is liberating and makes us happy. Why? Because everything we commit to is a freely chosen ‘should-less’ place made entirely of our “I want to”s. They are the things that give our lives focus, direction, purpose and meaning. And in the process, we are showered with a downpour of soaked-to-the-bones contentment.

Need to be convinced? Just ask the couple who are more in love than the day they were married, parents who cherish each child more than the day she was born, or friends who mean more to each other than when they first met. As you listen, look for the joy dancing in their eyes, the accumulated sparkle from pouring their hearts into the well-being of another.

It may shoot us to a terrifying giant leap of faith, a risk that appears larger than life, a dream that seems so far out of reach. There may be no safety net to catch us as we dive into the deep end of commitment. But well worth the plunge. I promise.


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