Nutty Imagination

Nutty ImaginationYes, this is a genuine, handcrafted kookui nut smiling at you – the perfect gift for every occasion. Created to keep you in stitches and stuffed with belly laughs, this FUNny toy can be purchased outright with your cents of humour. It is guaranteed to laugh at all your jokes, tell you funny stories…make your dreams come true and troubles go away. It will buy you flowers, cook you dinner, tell you how gorgeous and wonderful you are. It will do the dishes, take out the garbage, and give you a soothing massage. In fact, it will do anything you wish.

It comes fully assembled, needs no batteries or electrical power, and is guaranteed to last forever.

All you need to do is add imagination.

Imagination is the magical gift that is wrapped up in this fun post. It sees what’s possible before it happens and takes what’s impossible and makes it happen. It dreams, believes and pours joy. So, as we welcome the arrival of 2013 in a few days, I wish you a year full of happiness, success, and love beyond your wildest imagination!


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