I’m Staying Open 24/7

Open is My One Word 2013

You know, I wasn’t sure I could do it. Not likely for this smorgasbord girl who likes so many things equally and is enamored with variety to come up with just one word to focus on in 2013. But prompted by the My One Word project, and never one to back away from a
challenge, I thought I’d keep my eyes, ears and heart open to what that one word might be. And wouldn’t you know it? Exactly what I was trying to do was the recurring theme for the next few days. So in 2013 I pledge to stay open. I’ll be keeping an open mind to what’s new, different and strange…and possible. My eyes wide taking in beauty, other points of view and soaking up the details and wonders I might otherwise have missed. My ears piqued so I can really listen to what I hear and tune in to the voice that tells me the right thing to do. My heart will be an open vessel that spills love wherever I go and the entrance to a warm, welcoming place where people feel safe, special, and treasured. The door to my life will be left open to let in opportunities, struggles, and joys…miracles and dreams come true.

How about you? What would your one word be?


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