When We Open Our Hearts

Open Your HeartWhat wonderful things happen when we open our hearts?

It creates a clear passage for us to give and receive love. It carves a way toward forgiveness and relationships restored, designs the pipeline for the outpouring of generosity, lifts the invisible wall of fear that keeps us from reaching out, shapes the entryway for the healing that covers the hurt, and lays a welcome mat of understanding before the muddy mess of judgement hardens into a stumbling block.

It makes kind words flow and activates a continuous stream of patience and compassion. It reveals a portal just wide enough to accept people as they are while denying access to the current that swiftly writes people off. It forms the gateway to opportunity and the avenue to catch joy.

More than anything, it builds the bridge made of courage that connects human beings and the walkway to a better, more beautiful world.

What do you think? What wonderful things have you seen happen because of an open heart?


2 thoughts on “When We Open Our Hearts

    1. Maria Marino Post author

      Thank you for your kind words, Bev. I read a few of your posts from your Walking Well With God blog which inspired and touched me too, I especially appreciate your candidness and how you beautifully weave God’s words with yours. Thank you!



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