Beauty from Within

Inner Beauty

I don’t think anyone would call me vain or shallow, but I did want to look nice for my elementary school’s 50th anniversary celebration. I even thought about getting a manicure for the special occasion…until so many of my nails broke just before the date.

You can only imagine how excited I was getting ready that evening to spend some time with the people I grew up with and remember fondly. Then the bracelet I planned on wearing broke, couldn’t find my second choice, and my third choice which I hadn’t worn in a long time was so tarnished it took me quite a while to clean and polish it. To top things off, my new mascara turned into a flaky mess that had to be promptly removed and my faithful moisturizer turned crumbly on my face. It started to snow like crazy which would surely spell disaster for my hair and challenged the wisdom of wearing sleek pumps to the event. Things were starting to look like something out of a comedy show… and I laughed. Out loud.  Looked like I was going to have to rely on my inner beauty to save the day. It also brought the above verse to mind. And the reunion? It was a wonderful, lovely evening shared with some of the most beautiful people – inside and out – I have ever known.


2 thoughts on “Beauty from Within

    1. Maria Marino Post author

      Thank you very much for sharing your viewpoint Constance. I had fun creating the image and writing about that “inner beauty”. Happy to hear you found the humour in it. 🙂



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