Happy 2nd Birthday mariazwire!

So how do I feel about reaching the 2-year milestone for mariazwire? 

Birthday BalloonsAbsolutely grateful! “Thank you” is the phrase that comes to me immediately when I think of all the fun,  joy, and sweet surprises that have come my way through this blog. Each post has my signature but also the fingerprints of others.

I thank you all for plugging into mariazwire with me each week and WordPress for a beautiful platform that’s fun and easy to use.  Thank you Carrie Samuels who encouraged me to “get out there”. Otherwise, I would not still be here today. Special thanks to Sabrina Buttice, Stu Finn and Maria Anafel Pueda for letting me use and share their photos with the world. Of course, my deepest thanks to the special, precious people in my life who are the inspiration behind so many of the 114 posts so far. I thank God for planting the dream to weave words and pictures to “pour sunshine and paint rainbows” and the miracle of giving birth to a new creation at least one a week. Huge thanks to each and every one of you who has visited mariazwire, liked, shared, and commented on it. This is my gift. Thank you for receiving it with open arms and welcoming me into your day…and life.

And so, with gratitude, I invite you to join me in this flashback to the year that was and maybe take a look back at mariazwire’s 1st birthday.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If you prefer the quick “click and peek” here’s the gallery version:


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