Is that a bear you’re hugging?

They’re grizzly, ferocious and have been known to tear things to bits.  Yet every day, all kinds of people embrace and snuggle up to bears.  Not the wild, live ones, of course, but the soft, irresistible teddy bears that bring comfort and joy.  More than any other toy, they are the first choice as the friend that gets lugged around everywhere, the one that catches the tears, whispered secrets, tickles and giggles, cuddles and kisses.

I found myself thinking about the teddy bears in my life the other day.  The ones that have lent me a hand, lifted me up with a big bear hug,  sweetened my days with honey-dipped encouragement, patched up my hurts, and pawsed to imprint my heart with a trail of warmth, love, laughter and friendship.  Makes me want to go out and do the same.  How about you?  Won’t you be someone’s teddy bear today?


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