You are Loved

You are Loved - Coffee for Your Heart

I couldn’t have been more excited to accept the invitation to strike up a love revolution with Holley Gerth’s Coffee for Your Heart 2014 Challenge . What a great idea to spend the year deliberately encouraging one another. Each week throughout the year Holley will be giving us a prompt to stir our hearts into freshly brewed imagination and see what love and encouragement pours out of us.  This week the focus is on communicating “you’re loved.”  What I came up with is the “you are loved” image to your left and the fun, whimsical poem below. Hope it tickles and touches your heart and maybe even inspires you to share this post or create your own “you’re loved” message.

So many things in this old world will change
some may even disappear
but you can be sure that today, tomorrow, and always

You are Loved

You are loved when…

You smile from ear to ear
when you cry, scream, or shout
and when you sing and dance about.

You are loved when you are sad, mad, and glad.

You are loved when you do things just right
and when you mess things up.

You are loved when we’re together
and when we are apart.

You are loved when you walk and talk
and when you stop to listen
with both your ears
and all your heart.

You are loved when you laugh and play
and when you’re hard at work.

You are loved when you wake up
and when you’re fast asleep.

You are loved winter, spring, summer and fall
and morning, noon, and night.

Every minute
of every day
and forever more.

And who could blame us when you are so incredibly, completely, irresistibly loveable!

Thank you  Holley Gerth 
for this Coffee for Your Heart image


4 thoughts on “You are Loved

    1. Maria Marino Post author

      Thank you Anna Angela for your kind words. Isn’t it wonderful how Coffee for Your Heart links people? I visited your blog today too and enjoyed your insights and inspiration. Thank you. Blessings!



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