You’re beautiful just as you are!

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This greeting card is my response to this week’s writing prompt for Holley Gerth’s Coffee for Your Heart 2014 Challenge  “you’re beautiful…just as you are”.  Over and over again as I searched for words and ways to draw people into the truth of how beautiful they are, it became clear how seeing beauty happens in our hearts. Whether it’s art, music, sunrise, or that twinkle in your eye, beauty touches our hearts and transforms our world into the most beautiful place on earth. So, what is it that makes you breathtakingly beautiful? How do you really know you make this world more beautiful?

You are beautiful for any or all of  following reasons.

  1. The way you say my name that makes me feel special and loved
  2. How you never walk past a homeless person without giving them a kind word along with your money
  3. Cook my favourite meal and it’s not even my birthday
  4. Pass up on that new dress so you can continue to support your sponsored child
  5. Every time you send your congratulations and Happy Birthday wishes
  6. Patiently teach others
  7. and graciously learn from them
  8. You admit you are wrong
  9. and never gloat when you are right
  10. Have the courage to do the right thing even if it costs you
  11. Hold someone’s hand as they head to the operating room or another round of chemotherapy or radiation
  12. Shovel the snow before anyone else wakes up
  13. When you cut something in half, the other guy gets the bigger piece
  14. Dress up a bit when we hang out because you consider it a special occasion
  15. You don’t dress up because you trust me to love you, plain and simple
  16. Forgive. And forgive again
  17. Take time to be with the lonely and encourage the heartbroken
  18. Always on time
  19. Say “I’m sorry”  “Thank you” and “I love you”
  20. You remember people in your prayers
  21. Talk to the cashier and are friendly with waiters, receptionists and all those who serve you.  You call them by name and make them feel important and appreciated.
  22. The text messages that remind people you are thinking of them
  23. All your expressions of love: the notes, kind words, hard work, hugs, kisses, and gifts
  24. See the good in people and refrain from criticism
  25. The way you dive in and go all out as coach, cheerleader and team player
  26. Do the dishes and take out the garbage when it’s not your turn
  27. Leave the last cookie for someone else
  28. Stand first in line to try something new or give someone/something a chance
  29. How brave you are when you face the blows life slaps your way
  30. You share your dreams and help make dreams come true
  31. There’s so much more you know. Here’s where you can add and continue the list…

Yes, you are beautiful…just as you are.

You make the world more beautiful…just as you are.

The greeting card you see above is designed to encourage beautiful people like you. If you’d like to hold onto and share the message with someone beautiful in your life, here it is as separate images for you to copy, save, and give away. This Coffee for Your Heart comes with unlimited refills. Enjoy!

Coffee for Your Heart 150

Thank you  Holley Gerth
for the Coffee for Your Heart image


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