A big bad day is no match for the hero of your life story!

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! What a lousy day! So bad it knocks the wind out of the worst nightmare imaginable. You wish you could just rip that page right our of your lifestory. But, you know what, the story of your life would not be complete without it. If it were left out, part of who you are would be missing.  Hang on. What happened on that page, and more importantly, what happens to you because of it weaves the plot of an amazing story. You get to be the hero who takes in every word, action, and deed of that day and set them into a thrilling page-turner for everyone who shares your story. Line by line, one chapter at a time.

Life will bring you twists and turns. Pages covered with suspense, drama, tragedy, comedy, romance, triumph. The hero gets in trouble, makes mistakes, gets chewed out, is handed pink slips, denied opportunities, kicked in the teeth, broken heart, broken promises, broken dreams. No health. No money. No love. Enough pages of bad days to fill a book. But that’s not the end of the story. Sure, take the time to read over the details of those hard days. Highlight the lessons learned, underscore how it developed your character, circle the good stuff and then flip the page to start again from the top. Keep writing. Keep living. Keep giving. Let love have the last word in your life’s story and watch for the happy ending waiting for you in THE END.

If you’ve come here looking for what to say when someone is having a hard day or are among those I know and love, here’s a little #CoffeeforYour Heart that pours us all on the same page.

I will Always Be There for You - for Coffee for Your Heart Holley Gerth Series

If you’ve had a bad day and you need to be by yourself for a bit to sort things out. You’ve got it. Want to talk and tell me all about it. I’m listening. Need to hear that I love you? Oh, yes. With all my heart. Do you want a big bear hug? I’ll hold you tight with all my might. Looking for a solution, an opinion, or a few good ideas? Just ask and I’ll give you all I’ve got. Long to know it’s going to be okay? I believe it will. And I believe in you. Do you need to be reminded of  your gifts and loveableness? Sit down. I have plenty to list and it may take a while.

Whatever it takes. Anything at all. I will always be there for you.  Promise.

For more encouragement hop on over to Coffee for Your Heart at Holley Gerth’s place  to hear her message and link-up to more inspiring “what you want to hear when your having a hard day” posts from the Coffee for Your Heart Community.

Holley Gerth's Coffee for Your Heart Image

Thank you  Holley Gerth
for the Coffee for Your Heart image

Spring It!


2 thoughts on “A big bad day is no match for the hero of your life story!

    1. Maria Marino Post author

      Thank you very much for popping by and your kind encouragement Elizabeth. I had help with this from my friends and family who let me know what they would want to hear when they’re having a hard day. I’m glad you came by from Holley’s too because that’a how I found you! I picked up joy and inspiration visiting your blog and look forward to stopping by again.



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