A small thing that makes a big difference is…

This week Coffee for Your Heart asked us to complete this sentence, “a small thing that makes a big difference is…”  That put a giant smile on my face as my mind wandered to all those sweet little things that really do make a big difference. You know what I mean. The perfect words or gift that came at just the right time. Quiet moments when that smile, hug, wink, nod or thoughtful gesture pierced a hole through the cloak of sadness, doubt and fear to let joy and confidence stream in. The work that got done when you weren’t watching. Money that mysteriously lands in your pocket. The times someone opened up to ask for your help or opinion. Priceless little things we can all give and receive. More little things that make a big difference than you and I can count. And each one counts beyond measure.

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I know sometimes those little things are also a little bit scary to carry through. We wonder if it’s good enough. Is it the right thing at the right time? Will it end up doing more harm than good?  Will I mess up? Will it impose, offend, or embarrass? That’s okay. We can always answer those questions with a swift kick and do it anyway. What we know for sure is that it’s not about performance or results. It’s about what’s in our hearts. 

3 of the most Powerful Words 06A little thing that makes a big difference is the one we choose to do. Here and now. Because every little thing is a big deal and means a lot. They are the things that tell us we are special, loved, appreciated, capable, important, valuable, trusted. And that is huge. Even bigger when those little things add up. Bigger still when those little things we give and receive find their way to others. And oh, what a BIG difference that makes. A whole big world of difference!

So today, I’m offering some little share-ables that you can pick out to make that big difference.

These ones designed by me.

Plus some Free Words  from Holley Gerth and Share Its from (in)courage to use, share and enjoy.

Then for more inspiration hop on over to Coffee for Your Heart at Holley’s place to hear her message and link-up to more encouraging  “a little thing that makes a big difference is” posts from the Coffee for Your Heart Community.

 Holley Gerth's Coffee for Your Heart Image

Thank you  Holley Gerth
for the Coffee for Your Heart image

Spring It!


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