I Am the Answer to My Mother’s Prayers

Hi, my name is Samuel. You may have heard stories about how God called my name in the middle of the night, the time I anointed David, the runt of the litter, as King over Israel, and my stint as judge and prophet. I’ve had fame, good fortune and a rich life. They even named two books in the bible after me. But the superhero of my life story is my incredible mother, Hannah. That’s where it all began.

Actually, it’s a shame how things got started. Literally, a real  shame. You see, before I was born, she was plastered with the sting and shame of being barren. What made it worse was how my dad’s other wife, who had plenty of children, taunted my mom mercilessly. It hurt so bad she couldn’t eat. The day she went to the temple desperately crying out to the Lord for a child she was so distraught the priest thought she was drunk. But God heard her plea that day and answered. God Hears - Hannah - Coffee for Your HeartAfter leaving her request in God’s hands she went home no longer sad and began to eat again. When the time was right, Hannah became pregnant and gave birth to me. God heard her prayer and answered. No more empty womb. No more shame.

How about you? Is there a prayer you’re waiting for God to answer? He hears you too. He leans to catch every word and every tear drop. You may not get the child, marriage, opportunity, or result you’re hoping for, but He will take away any shame from what you’re going through. Guaranteed. If you let Him. No matter what has happened or not to you, what you have done, or how others treat you, you are precious in the sight of the King of Kings; His treasured possession. He loves you and will show you the truth. There is nothing to be ashamed of.  You are valuable, useful, and good. You may never bear a child, but with His help, you will bear much fruit. The fruits of love, goodness, peace, joy, compassion, wisdom, mercy, grace and much more.

Know what else is awesome about my mom? After I was born, she burst into her prayer of grateful praise and gave me back to God. Like she promised. That’s right. After all those years of childlessness, she dedicated my life to the work of the Lord, without fanfare or resentment. I can only imagine how tough and gutsy that must have been. And God rewarded her. With five more children. She went from being desolate to joyfully blessed.

Happens all the time doesn’t it? We turn our hopes, dreams, loved ones, gifts, and concerns over to our heavenly Father and our trust gets rewarded. Blessings are multiplied, our joy is increased, and we are lifted from the depths of our sorrows. We let go and receive His peace. Then go on to be a blessing to others.

So go to Him. Tell Him what’s on your mind. Ask Him for anything at all. He’s waiting to hear from you. And is ready to answer.

You’ll find more heartful words poured out at Holley Gerth’s place. So hop on over for a generous helping of love, encouragement, and inspiration by the cupful as you link up with the Coffee for Your Heart Community.

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4 thoughts on “I Am the Answer to My Mother’s Prayers

  1. offthebeatenpathministries

    I really needed to read this today, Maria. So glad we “sat next to each other” over at Holley’s today! I’ll be back! You’re words have set me on a good path today.


    1. Maria Marino Post author

      Thank you for your kind words, Kay! I’m humbled and pleased you needed to read this today and that my words have set you on a good path We can thank God for that. Glad we “sat next to each other” over at Holley’s too. It gave me a chance to arrive at your off the beaten path. You are a talented writer with the gift of encouragement. God bless you as you courageously share your heart!


    1. Maria Marino Post author

      I love the story of Hannah too Sarah.little did she know how her story would continue to make a difference. So happy to hear His timing was what you needed today. God bless you!



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