We have an everlasting rock

Every time I look at this image it takes my breath away.  I’m left speechless, in awe of God’s majestic splendor. I had planned on writing about how we can trust God as our solid rock, lean on Him to hold us up when we’re shaken, protect us against stormy assault… and more. Much more. Lots of encouraging words I assure you. None compare to the power and beauty you see in God’s word and His creation below. So I’m letting this picture speak for itself and echo inside your heart.

Everlasting Rock Isaiah 26:4

Isn’t is something that the God who is behind forming that giant rock is the one who helps those trees grow… in the same space. That same creator of the universe is our firm foundation and cultivator of our growth.  As Holley Gerth shares in her post when we belong to Jesus we never stop growing. Inch by inch, day by day we become more like Him…and that’s beautiful. Very beautiful. For more on that note hop on over to this week’s link-up at Holley Gerth’s  where you’ll find a generous outpouring of love, encouragement, and inspiration by the cupful as you join her and the Coffee for Your Heart Community.

Thank you  Holley Gerth
for the Coffee for Your Heart image


Photo Credit – The beautiful picture of Colorado is a gift from a friend who doesn’t seek public credit. But I sure can express my gratitude. Thank you with all my heart! 


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