Sharing The Riches of His Love

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Some things take you by storm. Like discovering the treasure chest filled with the riches of God’s love captured by my friend Kristin Smith. Her blog post When You are Attacked by Stormy Seas  hoisted me on board with a woman who has known hard times, rocked to the core, tossed mercilessly through the darkest raging storms. Crashing waves of financial crisis, broken dreams, miscarriage, depression, feeling deserted by God threatening to capsize the vessel that held her faith together.

Yet, there’s a thread of joy that runs through the words she crafts. Because of the riches of God’s love.  Extravagant riches from the God who held her afloat. The faithful God of redemption. The God who transforms. The God who steers in the right direction even when you’re lost and it’s dark out there.

God provided immeasurably more than I could have ever imaginedI couldn’t see it then, in the thick of what seemed like hopelessness. But today my eyes have been opened to the many ways that God was at work all along.  I can only fall on my knees in thankfulness and praise Him for all He has done. – Kristin Smith

What always stands out about Kristin is her authentic transparency clothed in humility. She has the courage to admit her imperfection and the gift of mining gems and biblical truths from everyday life. The Lord has given her words to paint life lessons and reflections of Him at work that have come from clogged toilets, airplane views, birch trees and a herd of buffaloes.

Words filled with hope and light.

Words that reveal the heart of God through hers.

Words that made me cry deep down and laugh out loud.

I picked up my fair share of encouragement and wisdom from Kristin’s writing and learned a thing or two. Like Voxer, Boxer, and bibles that talk. That God-sized dreams do come true even when they appear from the flipside of failure. Even when it means saying “yes” to icky things with a grateful heart. But mostly I gathered an armload of what it means to be a friend and appreciate progress in baby steps and giant leaps; to grasp the hand of hope, choose joy, and trust God in everything. Even in the darkest, wildest, stormy nights.

Kristin is a wife and mama to four children and a brand new puppy. She is in business with her husband, sings with the worship team and writes for people like you and me.

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Why am I telling you all this? Just couldn’t keep it to myself! I love sharing and bringing people together so am absolutely delighted to hook y’all up. Now that you’ve met Kristin, you can be blessed too!

Kristin writes at The Riches of His Love, God-sized Dreams, Five Minute Friday & (in)incourage . You can also catch her on Twitter, FacebookPinterest, Instagram & bloglovin’.

The gift of getting to know Kristin all started as a link-up with Holley Gerth. That’s one of the reasons it gives me such joy to invite you every week to do the same. So hop on over to this week’s link-up at Holley Gerth’s where you’ll find a generous outpouring of love, encouragement, and inspiration by the cupful as you join her and the Coffee for Your Heart Community.

Thank you  Holley Gerth
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2 thoughts on “Sharing The Riches of His Love

  1. kasmith03

    You my dear friend have gifted me in such an incredible way with your words here. I remain humbled and at a loss for the right words to express what a blessing this post is for me. Thank you thank you for this gift. I am sending my hugs to you, until I can do it in person!! :):) Kristin

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Maria Marino Post author

      Don’t you just love the way God works, Kristin?! He gives us words to bless each other and glorify Him! It is beyond words how you have touched my heart and made a difference! Such a precious, beautiful gift – thank you with all my heart!

      Now more people can get to know you and be blessed and inspired too! 😉



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