Whenever We Get Together

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Could be because of the extra long winter. Or how much my sister loved gardens. For some reason I’ve been completely mesmerized by the beautiful flowers that have caught my eyes this year. I’m surprised none of my neighbours have called the cops to investigate that lunatic who stops in her tracks gawking at every pretty blossom as if she’s never seen anything bloom before!

What amazes me even more that the sheer beauty of each individual plant is how much more breathtakingly gorgeous they become when arranged together. All kinds of colours and shapes dancing together in jaw-dropping splendor! Like you see in the front of the greeting card.

People are like that too don’t you think? As individuals we are a marvel of intricate beauty and unique characteristics. But oh, what a beautiful sight when we get together!

Two people are better off than one,  for they can help each other succeed.       ~ Ecclesiastes 4:9

Together we make the world more beautiful. Together we have more fun. Together we are better, stronger, and accomplish more. Together we hold each other up and catch each other when we fall. Together our collective joy multiplies faster than bunnies.

Whenever we get together beautiful things happen. Even when it’s on-line with people we’ve never met. That’s what I love about linking-up with Holley Gerth each week. So let’s head on over and share a sweet cup of encouragement together with Holley and the Coffee for Your Heart Community.

Thank you  Holley Gerth
for the Coffee for Your Heart image




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