Joy in His Presence

Psalm 16:11 Plate - Coffee for Your Heart

You make known to me the path of life;  you will fill me with joy in your presence, with eternal pleasures at your right hand. ~ Psalm 16:11

This verse has been following me around like an enamored puppy hot on the trail of his first love. It’s the strangest thing you know considering the year I’ve been having. But it’s true. While I absorb the impact from losses, set-backs and disappointments that have hit me (and so many I know and love) the heart that bleeds from sorrow also dances with joy. Through it all, God’s presence has shown me the path of life and paved it with unspeakable joy. Not to say there haven’t been moments when I wasn’t sure I could go on. But feeling His presence in my heart and in His Word always carried me up and through.

When my precious sister was called home to heaven last October, the Lord lead someone special to gift me a copy of Jesus Calling. What a difference that has made! Written in the first person, that book has brought such comfort because it feels like Jesus really is right there talking to you, enveloping you into His presence. Into the presence of joy and the joy of His presence.

In this week’s Coffee for Your Heart link-up Holley Gerth reminds us  “When He came up with His purpose for your life and formed a plan for what you would do on earth, He knew you would have struggles.” In her post she talks about the struggles when we mess up, but the same holds true in all our challenges. He knew what we’d be going through and promised to be there with us. In His presence where we find peace and joy. All the time.

Thank you  Holley Gerth
for the Coffee for Your Heart image


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