Let Your Light Shine!

Everlasting Light Pillow CoverShe was so strong. With courage, determination and love she beat the odds and baffled medical science. For years. I always hoped and believed a miracle for my beautiful sister was just a breath away. On October 22, 2013 that hope vanished.

If you’ve seen someone you love and cherish suffer and die you know what I mean. If you don’t, I hope you never find out. Saying goodbye to my “Filli” was indescribably heart-wrenching. Grief rocked me to the core. The day I never wanted to come assaulted me like a raging hurricane.

Numb and broken I didn’t think anything could soothe the crushing blow. I was wrong. Thank God. In my darkest hour, I was handed a gift bag filled with light – Jesus Calling devotional, the light of His presence and a beautiful cross bracelet, the light of His love. The perfect present from an amazing woman who is a bright, shining light in my life.

After the funeral, confirming a doctor’s appointment before heading down for our meal together put me in the exact spot to meet up with my sister’s best friend and her family who promised to share photos of the remarkable woman we had just lost. The light of compassion and healing in the dark, gloomy dungeon of affliction. I can’t even begin to express what those pictures meant to me and my family. After watching my sister suffer so much for so long, seeing her happy smiles was such a comfort and even joy in the darkness of sorrow.

Under the dark cloud of our first Christmas without her, a  precious childhood friend made me a beautiful angel that I treasure. The gift of the light of her love and friendship whispering a reminder that my “glee club” sister is now joyfully singing with choirs of angels. Out of the darkness, light shines.

It’s been almost a year of struggling, shrouded in the darkness of grief. Almost a year of just enough light to see the way and go on. Pockets of radiance flickered by Tulips in Winter, the rekindled friendship I thought was lost forever, kind words, encouragement, hugs, visits, gifts that made me laugh and smile… Sparks of light that conquered the dark.

The theme of light has been pouring like a steady stream into my days lately. A continuous flow of  light deposits finding its way into my devotional time, inbox, social media…It was everywhere. Just the tap on the shoulder I needed for that moment in time.

Not so coincidentally, I discovered the Everlasting Light Product Line which has touched and inspired me – with it’s beauty and declaration. I just love everything about this collection and so smitten I jumped at the invitation to join their launch team. I know you’ll fall in love with this collection too and will tell you more about it soon. I promise.

For now, I’ll introduce you with the message that spoke volumes to my broken heart. In this year of sorrow, loss and pain for me and too many people I know, it pointed to how special and loved we are by God and that he call us out of the darkness into His marvelous light (1 Peter 2:9). So we can shine His light and love to others. So we can shine and light up our world.

Wherever you are today, there is no darkness that cannot be shattered by light. By the light of Christ. By the light inside you and me. The God who counts the stars and calls them by name (Psalm 147:4) knows you through and through and loves you lots and lots. He calls you worthy. He calls you His. He calls your name and chose you to “shine your light!” as the Everlasting Light Pillow Cover photo above reflects. Shine like crazy. Go light your world with who you are. Let your light shine. Like only you can.

There’s more light waiting for us at Holley Gerth’s place today where we can link-up with her and the Coffee for Your Heart community. So let’s head on over for an enlighting, delightful cup of encouragement and inspiration!

Thank you  Holley Gerth
for the Coffee for Your Heart image



4 thoughts on “Let Your Light Shine!

  1. sarahgirl3

    “There Is no darkness that cannot be shattered by light.” Beautifully written!
    I am so sorry you went through this, but I love that you are seeing light when it finds you. What an encouragement for us to look for God when we are in darkness!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Maria Marino Post author

      Thank you so much for your kind words Sarah. It means so much to me especially since I know you understand what it’s like to lose someone dear to you. Your post about celebrating your mom’s birthday was among those “sparks of light”. It helped me tremendously to shift the focus form counting the loss to celebrating the good times and fond memories. What a sweet blessing your precious words were to me and those I shared them with! Thank you with all my heart!


  2. kasmith03

    What a beautiful post. I lost a best friend almost 4 years ago and she is still a light in my life today. While I miss her terribly I am so grateful that she was on my life at all!! {hugs friend}

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Maria Marino Post author

      Thank you for the hugs and your compassionate comment Kristin. I’m tearing as I remember your loss of your best friend Karlena. I understand how you must miss her terribly and my heart goes out to you. Hope you find comfort in your grateful memories and knowing that you were the best friend who touched her life too. Besties are made of twosomes. Hugs to you to my friend. ❤



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