Branching Out from God’s Family Tree

The New Testament opens with the genealogy of Christ beginning with Abraham the father of the Jewish race. Luke goes even farther back in his account of Jesus’s ancestry, tracing His heritage all the way to Adam, father of the human race. Erasing all doubt that the babe born in a manager is indeed the long-awaited Messiah. The promised One who came down from heaven to save all people everywhere.

This year, I made a surprise connection with a branch in Jesus’s family tree. We get giddy that the humble carpenter’s son stems from the royal lineage of great King David, the mighty warrior who slayed a giant with his slingshot. The anointed one after God’s own heart. Did you realize that as a descendant of the tribe of Judah, the King of Kings also came from the bloodline that began with Leah? Leah, the rejected wife, not so beautiful or desirable like Rachel, Jacob’s chosen one. She was unwanted by her husband, but not abandoned by God. Not even for a moment.

Shoot Growing Out of Dead StumpA shoot will come up from the stump of Jesse;
    from his roots a Branch will bear fruit. – Isaiah 11:1

The tree of Jesse rooted in neglected soil. Out of a what seemed like dead wood emerged the saviour of the world. The seed of redemption sown in the brokenness of a woman who questioned her worth. Her blood beating through the heart of God Incarnate.

Got me thinking about how the Lord uses and redeems us. Are you feeling shunned, forgotten, passed over, unloved? Not capable enough, pretty enough, clever enough; not enough of this or that, too much of something else? Hold onto this truth. The God who lifted Leah out of obscurity to become the Queen Mum to the King of Kings is looking out for you.

You can hold your head up high because you are a precious child of His Majesty God Almighty, co-heir to His kingdom with the Prince of Peace. He has crowned you for a glorious life in His service. Your value is beyond measure.

The hope of Christmas means you can take your rightful place in history. Our Lord plans to accomplish great things through you as you live out the distinct purpose only you can fulfill. Rejoice! The difference you are making here and now will branch out and extend beyond your lifetime. Beyond your wildest dreams. More than you can imagine.

You really are God’s gift to the universe. A gift that comes to life every time you open up and shine the light wrapped inside your heart. The light that no darkness can conceal. The light of goodness, patience, generosity and faith. The light of love for all the world to see.

Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory
of the Lord rises upon you. ~ Isaiah 60:1

Yup, we are all part of God’s great big family and it’s so grand when get together. Like we do each week at Holley Gerth’s site for great company and the best Coffee for Your Heart this side of heaven. 🙂

Thank you  Holley Gerth
for the Coffee for Your Heart image


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