Adios perfectionism. Hello love.

You're Loved No Matter What Cover - Holley GerthIf perfectionism has been invading your turf with flaming arrows doused with doubt and fear, threatening to devour your peace and joy, I have great news for you! There’s a new book in town armed to change that and send those pesky arrows quivering in defeat. Forged by the words crafted by Holley Gerth, You’re Loved No Matter What doubles as a mighty sword. Page after page, it slashes lies whispered to keep you hostage to unrealistic expectations, cuts off the power of “not enough” at its source, and carves truth-shaped love deep into your heart.

What’s remarkable about this sword is how it operates like a Swiss Army knife ready with the tools you can whip out to combat perfectionism and live victoriously free from its strangling grip. The practical and potent toolkit covers boot camp assessment and strengthening exercises that reveal who you are so you can fully live the purpose you are wired and designed for. Holley takes you through discovery stations where you will be equipped to wipe out the perfect-person/like-so-and-so mirage with crystal vision of authentic you via personality tests, skills and strengths finding mission, love language learning curve, and obstacle-smashing course that brings the primary role that fits your strengths into view with bulls-eye accuracy.

You’re Loved No Matter What presents the ultimate field manual set up to guide you through every minefield, tactic and attack perfectionism shoots at you with simple, clear-cut, pocket-sized things you can tackle right away and carry on through all your tomorrows. Packed with brilliant strategies and useful insights it will alert you to where perfectionism comes from and why. Then clothes you with protective layers of know-how. Such as:

  • Practical plan for beating perfectionism that walks you though shifting from pursuing perfection to embracing God’s love
  • 5 elements needed to be perfect in God’s eyes, offering new perspectives that will change your life
  • Difference between guilt and godly sorrow and how to switch from guilt cycle to grace cycle with ease
  • Gratitude tools that knock-out guilt and perfectionism with a swift 1-2 punch
  • 7 steps to freeing your heart forever from the shackles of perfectionism in a ‘Magna Carta’ type declaration of new-found freedom, followed by a prayer for each step
  • 7 reasons to pick up your sword and fight to protect against perfectionism
  • Characteristics of real people
  • Characteristics of God and qualities of His love
  • Commitment of Words pledge of allegiance to each other and to the loving God who made us
  • Go Deeper Guide for individuals and groups

…and so much more!

Key to winning back your freedom from perfectionism is locking into the truth behind the title of the book. Believing that God loves you no matter what acts like a semi-permeable breastplate over your heart that deflects the fiery arrows of perfectionism while letting love flow freely both ways. It rescues us from the snares of trying harder and liberates peaceful contentment with who we are. Where we are. Because, as the book explains, God’s love has no limits, expectations or requirements; is not dependent on us, cannot be earned and has our ultimate good in mind.

Feeling totally loved and accepted by the unchanging God we naturally respond with love and acceptance in return. What better way to rouse up the troops than with a heart fully loaded with high-caliber love? The kind that stops us dead in our tracks from chasing crazy standards. The kind that causes us to drop the reins holding us back for fear of failure or not measuring up while boldly offering the best of who we are and embracing the best in others with love and grace.

That’s the cool irony about enlisting in God’s cavalry. Though the battle against perfectionism rages on, it is actually a lifelong process fired by love and with joy Together with our God leading the charge, we stand side by side and heart to heart, rifle-ready to stand guard against perfectionism. Shielding against the dangers of approval-hungry insecurities, we furnish a safe, welcoming haven for each other to come home to…the way we are.  Just like Holley says, the truths in this book become real in relationship –  in the everyday admission that none of us have it all together but we are all better together.

When we know we’re loved no matter what our hearts are freed from the need to be perfect. Free to love and be loved without reservation. Free to be all God created us to be with hearts and hands open to everything He has for us. Which makes perfect sense, don’t you think?!

So, pick up a copy of You’re Loved No Matter What. Take its truths with you everywhere you goShare it with everyone you know, That way we can all live free joyfully and lovingly forever. Together.

In the meantime let’s hang out together at Holley Gerth’s place for some encouraging and inspiring Coffee for Your Heart. See you there!

Disclosure: Many thanks to Revell Publishing for the invitation to be part of You’re Loved No Matter What Blog Tour and the complimentary book in exchange for this unbiased review.

Thank you  Holley Gerth
for the Coffee for Your Heart image


2 thoughts on “Adios perfectionism. Hello love.

    1. Maria Marino Post author

      Oh Sarah, I’m sure you’re going to love this one too! Even in Holley’s sweet, coffee with my best friend warmth, it is a powerful book. I found myself saying “this is soooooo good” often and took lots of notes. Love to hear your thoughts when you finish reading it.



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