Let’s Live Life Unstuck…Together!

What can I say about a book whose opening chapter Life Unstuck Cover - Pat Laytonstarts off with the author describing how, as she was struggling to open her eyes, was aware of only one thing – her freezing cold, naked bottom sticking up in the air surrounded by chattering voices? Makes you want to laugh out loud or bite your nails nervously wondering how she got there. Definitely sets the stage for what you can expect from Life Unstuck – Pat Layton’s unashamed willingness to bare all and get personal as she flashes the truths that lift the stinky sticky lies and debris that hold us stuck. Beginning with the fact that God sees everything & knows everything about us. So why not expose who we really are since we serve a personal God ready to use us immeasurably, for His purpose right now, the way we are?

Pat’s stories and humour blended with compelling insights accompany you through a refreshing and transforming journey through Psalm 139. The book evenly divides the verses into four sections: Just Imagine Life Unstuck, Peace With The Past, Purpose in the Present, Passion for the Future with each chapter examining a single verse that uncovers a distinct Unstuck Truth.

With every word, you sense Pat’s support, like a friend buoying you up through plunging waters in this invigorating voyage toward the land of unstuckness. In addition to her guidance along the way, she offers resources available at life-unstuck.com to strengthen you and go deeper. Practical things like the 24 Days of Prayer and Praise Study Guide, Unstuck Performance Fact Checker, The Truth About Who We Are and Ephesians Anger Checklist that enrich the content of the book and make it more real and meaningful.

A powerful gift tucked inside Life Unstuck is the Unstuck Manifesto you”ll want to keep close by to declare on a regular basis. Especially on those days when you feel stuck. Stuck at the edge of dreams unfulfilled. Stuck with ‘not enough’ glued to your heart and convictions. Stuck in the comparison trap. Stuck in the past, stuck in your present challenges, struck to the invisible wall of anger, insecurity, or unforgiveness barring you from entering the future with joy and confidence,

Life Unstuck is definitely an action book. Pat Layton packs it to overflowing with gems and veins of gold mined by her clever and encouraging insights, observations and even surprises. Such as her dress code for unstuck victory, Garden of Personality test, Six Steps to Unstuck Emotions, Three Facts about Unstuck Imperfection, and ABC Steps to Unstuck Rest & Restoration. But the unstucking happens by applying and believing them.  As the author passionately points out,  “When we live unstuck & surrender every day fully to the Lord, God can not only use you mightily, but He can transform your life into something strikingly beautiful & breathtaking.”

Whispered throughout is this unmistakable message of hope and restoration: because ” my past is redeemed, my present is hemmed in, my future is secure” by the God who made us and loves us like crazy, we can boldly claim the truths contained in Psalm 139.  We can live in freedom, enjoying and sharing who we truly are – the perfectly designed masterpiece God knit in our mother’s womb complete with the longings, personality, gifts, talents, and yes, quirks and weaknesses too, He shaped in us. We can fearlessly light up the world and change it forever like no one else can. Like the magnificent, one-one-a-kind marvel God created us to be!

One of the best things about Life Unstuck is that the journey doesn’t end on the last page. Pat invites us to continue and connect at life-unstuck.com and join the Life Unstuck Woman’s Club. That way we can “get hold of Life Unstuck together.”

Ah, nothing like togetherness! That’s why I’m so delighted to link us up again at Holley Gerth’s for some encouraging Coffee for Your Heart that’s sure to shake loose the stuff that gets us stuck. Because,  we’re all in this together. With each other  For each other.

Disclosure: Many thanks to Revell Publishing for the invitation to be part of Life Unstuck Blog Tour and the complimentary book in exchange for this unbiased review.

Thank you  Holley Gerth for the Coffee for Your Heart image


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