The day I met Jesus

The Day I Met Jesus Cover - Frank Viola & Mary DeMuth What if you could step into the pages of history and experience first-hand the effect Jesus had on people while He walked the earth? That’s exactly what you can count on throughout The Day I Met Jesus. The authors transport you into the first century latched onto stories of five broken women and their encounter with the Lord of healing, redemption. and grace.

Your journey takes off with biblical narratives written as diary entries from an adulteress caught in the act, prostitute who loved extravagantly, multiple divorcée currently living in sin, defiled, isolated patient with an incessant flow of blood, and a friend who was one of Jesus’s much-loved disciples.

Each one masterfully prepares the scene where we get to live in their skin; see things though their eyes, feel what they felt. Their first-person account brings you to a better understanding of who they were and what their lives must have been like. Each word pointing to that moment in time that changed everything, setting the stage for us to eavesdrop on their transforming encounter with Jesus. Words that paint, in living colour, what it means to be loved, forgiven, restored, healed. As we slip into their shoes, we detect footprints of someone we know much like them and catch glimpses of ourselves. Their stories, though experienced long ago, contain a timeless universality that seamlessly joins past events to present relevance.

As I came to know those women from their perspective, I was eager to overlay their memoirs onto the Sacred Text that immediately follows. Comparing their reflections with the Gospel made what took place more real, vivid and meaningful. Even more so with the Walking it Out section that concludes the chapter. That’s where it’s our turn to meet Jesus. Where the authors zoom in on more insights and finer details of the culture, lifestyle and beliefs at the time of Christ. They also put together the Talking it Over questions at back of the book to help us interact with the biblical narrative on our own or in a group setting,

The Day I Met Jesus reveals how there is so much than what meets the eye. Things I never thought of before. Like how was it the accusers just happened to catch that woman in adultery? That Mary of Bethany who brazenly sat at Jesus’s feet, boldly poured expensive perfume over His feet, quietly held back defending herself against disapproval. It was a real eye-opener when the authors pointed out the unlikelihood the Samaritan woman, marred with a stained reputation, would be taken seriously when she returned to her village telling people about her exchange with Jesus. Yet, they followed her back to see for themselves and were subsequently converted. Clearly, they noticed something different about her.

I loved the way this book captures how the Jesus who touched the lives of those women wants to do the same for you and me. Forgiveness, grace, acceptance and boundless love are ours. Today. Here and now. Sins, mistakes, hurts washed away to make room for life redeemed and free. Shame is wiped away and new life springs forth. Once we  meet Jesus, our lives will never be the same again. Just like the five women.

I met Jesus in a new and powerful way through this book. I think you will too.

I meet Jesus a lot in the words of Holley Gerth and am delighted to link us up today to share some encouraging Coffee for Your Heart together.

Disclosure – Many thanks to BakerBooks for the complimentary copy of the book in exchange for this unbiased review.

Thank you  Holley Gerth
for the Coffee for Your Heart image


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