So many lives at stake and time was running out…

SabotagedSo many lives at stake and time was running out. Like it wasn’t enough her cousin Meg was held hostage by whom and where completely unknown. With the threat to her uncle holding the key, Kirra Jacobs, along with unexpected companion Reef McKenna, race against unspeakable evil to intercept the disastrous plot that would seriously damage the environment and snuff out the lives of countless innocent victims. Aided by friends and family, they brave the extreme arctic climate, during the Iditarod Sled Dog Race Uncle Frank was competing in, to rescue his daughter and trip up the planned sabotage.

Laid in the backdrop of awe-inspiring Alaskan winter and carried by a true to life cast of characters that draw you into the story-line, Sabotaged takes you on an edge of your seat adventure packed with fast-paced suspense, surprise twists, and courageous risk-taking. At times I got so wrapped up in the action, sweet touch of romance and powerful family devotion, I actually had to remind myself “This is fiction. Not something going on in real life.”

Utter genius how this novel is spine-chilling and heart-warming. At the same time. Dani Pettrey crafted a tangled mystery to solve spun with yarns of captivating intrigue, strong, durable love, and tight-knit faith. You will gain insight into arctic conditions, the Iditarod, and the mining industry while coming face to face with what it’s like to be a rape victim, the black sheep in need of a trustful second chance and the lengths (and depths) people are willing to go for love and passion.

Precious to me how I felt God’s presence guiding, healing, and redeeming through the faith of characters fleshed out of Dani Pettrey’s imagination. So touched by their humble, trusting prayers I even found myself bowing my head as they lifted their petitions to the God who cries when His children hurt. And watches over them always. Even in the most horrifying, dangerous places.

Sabotaged is the riveting conclusion to the Alaskan Courage Series that got me hopelessly hooked. One of the first things I did after finishing this book was start at the beginning with Submerged. Just couldn’t tear myself away. So glad I didn’t have to.

Disclosure: Many thanks to Bethany House  for generously providing a complimentary copy of Sabotaged in exchange for this unbiased review.

Today I’m delighted to doubly bless you with this introduction to new favourite author Dani Pettrey and link up with long-time favourite blogger, author and friend Holley Gerth for some encouraging Coffee for Your Heart. Together.

Thank you  Holley Gerth
for the Coffee for Your Heart image


4 thoughts on “So many lives at stake and time was running out…

    1. Maria Marino Post author

      Oh Dani, I am so honoured and humbled to hear from you! Thank you for sharing your gift for riveting writing that touches the heart, is inspirational, and a rich, thoroughly enjoyable read! I also loved Submerged and Silenced. Shattered and Stranded are on my wish list. Thank you for the Book Club extras on your site too. Just couldn’t get enough. 🙂 Can’t wait to read Cold Shot when it releases. You rock!

      God bless,


    1. Maria Marino Post author

      My pleasure Ginger! Gave me such joy to share the blessing of Sabotaged. Thank you for linking up from Holley’s and pointing me to your blog. And guess what Ginger? The first thing that hit me was my 2015 “be anxious for nothing” verse. We are both into comedy and refreshing our closets and I absolutely love your “words to encourage your heart”. Oh yes, SO NICE to meet a new bloggy friend! 🙂



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