What I Learned in July

It Happens Once in a Blue Moon 2015 Graphic

Blue Moon in Toronto July 2015

Hey, guess what? I discovered during a heat wave green cooking bananas will ripen nicely into a natural sweetness in just a few days.

And you know what else? I go bananas for learning and trying new things so am delighted to share the bunch of things that branched out, ripe for the picking, in the month of July.

1.  Apple Music is my new best friend. How can I refuse to hang out with that app-ortunity when it keeps showering me with gifts of nostalgic oldies and introducing me to musical treasures I’ve never knew existed. Like pop-rock band Sidewalk Prophets. Such enormous talent wrapped in faith-full inspiration!

2. If you put batteries in the freezer they last longer.

3. Blue moon isn’t blue. It’s when you have two full moons in the same month.

4. Pre-ordered Simply Tuesday and got a lovely surprise. A sample is now available on iBooks. We can start reading it right away before it releases on August 18.  Ahhhh, life is good!

Also signed up for the video series anticipating the book launch where author Emily P. Freeman taught me that holding an empty vessel like a bowl or cup when we pray opens us up to hear and receive from God.

5. Foods I tried for the first time and liked:

  1. Coconut water – it really is refreshing and hydrating,
  2. Jalapeno Pringles
  3. Tim Hortons Cafe Mocha
  4. Oranges from South Africa

Got another treat for you. Not in July, but a few months ago, I found out Emily P. Freeman hosts a link-up to what we’ve learned each month. I have enjoyed them immensely and am a bit smarter for it too. Such a wealth of information from some truly amazing people. Click here to get a sweet taste of what I mean.


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