6 Things I learned in November

What I learned in November

November came with lots of wind gusts, splatterings of rain, and even a measure of sunshine. Each day brought something to be grateful for and things to learn along the way. Things I never knew existed. Things that brought me fun and joy.

1. It all began at the top of the month when  Oh Nuts Sweet and Crunchy Blog taught me how to make the chocolate pine cones for this gorgeous, decadent chocolate cake.

Oh! Nuts chocolate pine cone cake

2. Picked up 7 ways to trick myself into cleaning the house  thanks to The Nester, Myqillyn Smith.

sugru kit3.  Myquillyn also introduced to Sugru the playdough-like glue  that cures into a strong but flexible waterproof rubber that bonds to just about anything. It comes in a variety of colours and is ideal for fixing things, making them work better, and all sorts of fun, crafty creations.

4.  Discovered these adorable Balocco Faccine  (little faces in Italian) cookies.  A crispy, chocolate-hazenut, not too sweet smiley-faced treat. Balocco Faccine Cookies

5. New Music that grabbed my hEARt with every beat:

6. One of my favouite places to shop is Winners. Because you never know what treasure you’ll find… always at a great price! That’s where I spied this beautiful Christmas Homes china pattern by Royal Stafford.

Royal Stafford Christmas Home Dinner Plate

The moment my eye caught this dinnerware I felt a warm, coziness envelop me – an air of coming home to a welcoming, inviting place. And I fell in love on the spot.

What got me even more than the charming beauty was the candlelight beaming from the window. A signal reflecting the Light of the World who came down that first Christmas and still makes His home in our hearts. A beacon calling us to shine His light and love as we open our hearts and homes to others.  At Christmas. And every day of the year.

Want to see more things we learned in November?  Check out this Chatting at the Sky link-up  hosted by the lovely Emily P. Freeman.


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