Things I Learned in October

What I learned in October

October was a great month to celebrate beauty and decor. Both from nature and people. Little did I know when I set out to capture the combination of God’s artistry and human hands in my neighbour’s adorable and creative fall decor I would find out, when you take pictures on a sunny, humid day, a rainbow appears.

From my home inspirationista The Nester, Myquillyn Smith I picked up the secret to a charming grocery store centrepiece.  Gorgeous, inexpensive arrangements like this one.The Nester Pumpkin Floral Centrepiece

She also taught me simple ways to make something fabulous and FUNky from a sofa you hate….or one that’s old and shabby, tattered and torn. Check out this under 5-minute how to syle a sofa video and see what I mean. Be prepared to be amazed and delighted!

New delicious foods I discoverd:

Hot Chili Pepper Taralli - Terre di Puglia

Hot Red Pepper Taralli made in Italy by Terre di Puglia.

Crunchy, savoury, bite-sized snack with a bit of a kick. Just enough to zap your taste buds without having to run to a fire hydrant.

Caramel Nut Delight - Fall in Love Coffee from Paramount Coffee

If you could fall in love with coffee, Paramount Coffee’s seasonal Fall in Love Caramel Nut Delight  would definitely qualify! Sweet, smooth caramel accented with a touch of almond..Mmmmmmmmm. Mmmmmm. A new favourite!

31 Days of Seeking Him - Kristin Smith - Riches of His Love blog

The most precious thing I learned was how much I would appreciate and benefit from seeking God together with my beautiful, open-hearted friend Kristin Smith. Each day in Octobder we hung out together at Riches of His Love where she shared #31DaysofSeekingHim. Thank you so much Kristin!


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