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Yes, You Can Do Hard Things

I originally published this post about doing hard things in November 2012.  It continues to be viewed on a regular basis and every once in a while I wondered if this might be just the encouragement for the weekly Coffee for Your Heart link-up. I hesitated thinking it may not be spiritual enough. But when I felt the nudge today to go ahead, I decided to share this with you again. Because I believe you sure can do those hard things, with God’s help. He is known to specialize in the impossible and He can do mighty things through you.

With God all things are possible ~ Mathew 19:26

I always love seeing this plaque at MaRS Commons. The scantily layered brick wall looks like it could barely hold itself together, never mind the weight that’s hanging on it. The wood the quote is written on leaves the impression it’s been been through a battle or two with its ragged edges, scars, and scrapes. But the message is powerful and daily inspires the crazy entrepreneurs who are engaged in risk-y business, married to the scary place where they go out on a limb with a dream dangling in their pocket, hoping their idea to make life better will take flight. Perched on the edge, pouring out everything they’ve got into a lofty trek through uncharted territory is hard and terrifying. But worth it! At the end of the day, those hard things are what they climb upon to the next level whether it’s a lesson learned, a pivot in the right direction or success beyond the wildest imagination.

What rocks about doing hard things is that it automatically triggers a win-win situation. No matter how things turn out, we score at least two victories. First, we conquer the pesky dragon of the unknown breathing fire down our neck. Second, we wrestle fear to the ground and come out on top as the ultimate heavyweight champion in the “you can do hard things” rumble.

Most of the time, there’s joy and success tied to the hard things we do. Sometimes the dream evaporates, our hearts get broken, we take a beating. Either way, the person who looks back at us in the mirror can smile at the reflection of someone with courage and strength. Someone who does what’s right in the face of incredible cost, who will give someone who has hurt or disappointed you another chance, who steps out in faith and not give up when the dust of failure has settled all over your efforts in the past. Looking right back at you is someone who dares to learn something new and stretch beyond what’s comfortable and easy, someone willing to risk looking foolish when the voice in your heart wins over the roar of the crowd, someone who will make the sacrifice and give whatever it takes. And what’s more, what you may not realize, is that people were watching when you made that gutsy move and because you did something hard they were inspired to do hard things too.

The writing is on the wall.  You can do hard things. And that makes you a hero!

As you do those hard things you can also let go and give it to God who cares for you and will help you carry every inch of the hard stuff as Holley Gerth shares in her You Don’t Have to Carry So Much message. For more on that note hop on over to this week’s link-up at Holley Gerth’s where you’ll find a generous outpouring of love, encouragement, and inspiration by the cupful as you join her and the Coffee for Your Heart Community.

Thank you  Holley Gerth
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Greatest Gift of All

It’s been said many times, many ways. It also happens to be true. Love is the greatest gift of all. Everyone has it to give, it always fits perfectly, and keeps growing as time goes by. 

The perfect gift for Christmas and every day of the year!

Change is a Good Thing

Change is Good.

Just ask any caterpillar.

Or the princess who kept her promise to a frog.

Footprints that step in to leave a lasting impression

Background Comes From Cover of SeaSide Escape Retreat Director Guide

Whenever we walk along the beach, we leave behind footprints.  When we walk into people’s lives we also leave our footprints, every step of the way.  With our words, actions, thoughts and prayers we write the indelible proof that “we were here” across the shores of their lives.

The bracelet in this picture comes from the service project included in Group Publishing’s SeaSide Escape Retreat.  The charm reads, “You are loved.”  What greater gift can we give than to leave someone with the lasting impression that they are loved?  For who they are.  The way they are. How is up to you.

Have I Told You Lately…

It’s funny because it’s so obvious to us we expect people to instinctively know we think they are smart, funny, gorgeous and the joy of our lives. It hit me the other day how often the message gets missed simply because it was not expressed. Have you ever been delightfully surprised by something that was said about you or seen someone’s face light up when they heard your unexpected words of praise?  Mighty powerful stuff, those words! So easy to give and a treasure to receive.

Maybe we could unleash a “Have I told you lately…” movement.

Starting today, why not make a point of telling people we love them, think the world of them, or enjoy working with them? Why not remind them they are great friends, parents, musicians, homemakers, breadwinners, coaches, decorators, mechanics, that they are talented, compassionate, patient, beautiful, courageous, fun to be with…

We could surprise people with “Have I Ever Told You Lately…” notes in lunch boxes, inboxes, on sticky notes, desks, mirrors, windshields and even across the sky. The possibilities are as wide as the imagination stretches and the positive effects go as the deep as the ocean floor. Best of all, it is well within our reach and draws us close enough to touch the lives of others.

Come on Down! There’s room at the back of this bus…

It happens almost every time.  As I weave my way through a crowded bus to accommodate the passengers who follow me I find, to my delight, plenty of room and often a seat at the back of the bus.  Works the same way in life.  When we get past the crowd of nagging doubts, recurring setbacks, past failures, inevitable obstacles, the echo of the naysayers, the taunt of the unknown, we discover opportunities and insights the crowd before us missed, space to make dreams come true, or simply a more comfortable ride till our next stop in life.

The Element of Surprise

I like surprises!  From receiving an unsolicited recommendation to the arrival of a birthday package filled with love and gifts, life’s “twinkles” of sunshine always brighten my day and mean the world to me.

Some surprises like finding books on your wish list on sale for 50 cents at the library or running into someone you haven’t seen for a while happen by chance. Some of the sweetest surprises spring from deliberate actions we can all do.  Even the things that seem so small can fill a heart with joy. There is power to bring a smile and change someone’s life contained in the “I’m thinking of you” message, staying up a few more minutes to respond to an email, “liking” a status or link, that anonymous donation, the sincere compliment, the words of encouragement, the vote of confidence, the invitation, the thank yous, birthday wishes and congratulations you send someone’s way.

You may even be surprised someday to hear about how your “little surprise” arrived just in time to make a big difference.