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Sea Rose Lane

Sea Rose Lane CoverSometimes life gets punctured by loss. Dreams evaporate. Love life disappears in a mist of deception. Aging body ransacked of usefulness and energy. Precious loved ones taken, leaving a gaping void.

The characters Irene Hannon brought to life in Sea Rose Lane know all about that kind of pain and loneliness; heartbreak and disappointment. Yet, the shattered pieces of their lives, like multifaceted rare and radiant gems, come together to become a mosaic resplendent of something beautiful, strong, and resilient. In Hope Harbor. The place where “hearts heal…and love blooms.”

Book Two of the Hope Harbor series was enchanting as it was inspiring and thought-provoking. It’s the perfect beach read where you can easily lose yourself in the storyline unraveled by characters I immediately fell in love with and had compassion for.

The first people we meet are the recently relationship-scorched architect BJ, the new face in Hope Habour, and Eric, the lawyer knocked off the fast-track to the partnership he longed for with the wave of a pink slip. Sparks fly as they literally run into each other on the road…by accident.

Transforming the house Eric grew up into the bed and breakfast his widowed father dreamed of shaped the framework for a restorative romance with BJ. It also introduced Luis, the Cuban refugee struggling with the death of his wife and career as a physician swept to the wayside by bureaucracy and impossible hurdles.

BJ’s desire to help others, combined with her gift for home repair, draws the window into the life and heart of elderly Eleanor whose ailing health makes her question “Why I’m still here God?” Serving no useful purpose – no worthwhile role to play.

Then there’s Charley, the professional artist who sporadically opens up his fish taco stand on the side. He stole the show for me with his loveable, quirky personality that doubles as Hope Harbor’s resident sage with uncanny sixth sense.

Sea Rose Lane is a heart-warming story laced with faith, hope, and wisdom. The people and setting captured my heart and imagination and left me refreshed, inspired and happy. I loved and appreciated Charley’s reminder that brightening someone’s day, adding a touch of joy when they might need it most, has great merit and is something anyone can do. Also these encouraging words from Eric’s father, “No one ever said life was easy. Besides, taking the easy route doesn’t always lead to the best views.” I also liked how he pointed out when things don’t go as hoped it may be an opportunity, not a disaster at all.

Turning the last page was bittersweet.The ending brought tears of joy to my eyes for the way things worked out. But was sad to leave Hope Harbor, the town and the people that were true-to-life and unforgettable.

Many thanks to Revell Publishing for the opportunity to be part of the Sea Rose Lane Blog Tour and the complimentary copy of the  book in exchange for this unbiased review.

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So many lives at stake and time was running out…

SabotagedSo many lives at stake and time was running out. Like it wasn’t enough her cousin Meg was held hostage by whom and where completely unknown. With the threat to her uncle holding the key, Kirra Jacobs, along with unexpected companion Reef McKenna, race against unspeakable evil to intercept the disastrous plot that would seriously damage the environment and snuff out the lives of countless innocent victims. Aided by friends and family, they brave the extreme arctic climate, during the Iditarod Sled Dog Race Uncle Frank was competing in, to rescue his daughter and trip up the planned sabotage.

Laid in the backdrop of awe-inspiring Alaskan winter and carried by a true to life cast of characters that draw you into the story-line, Sabotaged takes you on an edge of your seat adventure packed with fast-paced suspense, surprise twists, and courageous risk-taking. At times I got so wrapped up in the action, sweet touch of romance and powerful family devotion, I actually had to remind myself “This is fiction. Not something going on in real life.”

Utter genius how this novel is spine-chilling and heart-warming. At the same time. Dani Pettrey crafted a tangled mystery to solve spun with yarns of captivating intrigue, strong, durable love, and tight-knit faith. You will gain insight into arctic conditions, the Iditarod, and the mining industry while coming face to face with what it’s like to be a rape victim, the black sheep in need of a trustful second chance and the lengths (and depths) people are willing to go for love and passion.

Precious to me how I felt God’s presence guiding, healing, and redeeming through the faith of characters fleshed out of Dani Pettrey’s imagination. So touched by their humble, trusting prayers I even found myself bowing my head as they lifted their petitions to the God who cries when His children hurt. And watches over them always. Even in the most horrifying, dangerous places.

Sabotaged is the riveting conclusion to the Alaskan Courage Series that got me hopelessly hooked. One of the first things I did after finishing this book was start at the beginning with Submerged. Just couldn’t tear myself away. So glad I didn’t have to.

Disclosure: Many thanks to Bethany House  for generously providing a complimentary copy of Sabotaged in exchange for this unbiased review.

Today I’m delighted to doubly bless you with this introduction to new favourite author Dani Pettrey and link up with long-time favourite blogger, author and friend Holley Gerth for some encouraging Coffee for Your Heart. Together.

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Is Doing What’s Right Worth the Cost?

Undercover cop Michael Hunt found himself wanted by the government, the police and the drug cartel. A fugitive presumed dead by the people who loved him most, his partner eliminated, he was left battered and alone in his fight to stay alive and battle the forces of unspeakable evil.

Hidden Agenda Cover - Lisa HarrisOlivia Hamilton was doing just fine as a reporter and guardian to her deaf brother Ivan. Till a slew of emails, murder, and deception turned her world upside down. Discovering the father they loved was the kingpin of a ruthless drug ring, coupled with helping a stranger escape the death sentence hanging over his head, the siblings were on the run trying to stay one step ahead of their pursuers. The door of life they once knew slammed shut. No turning back.

At the intersection where the danger that loomed for the law enforcer crossed the peril threatening the law-breaker’s son and daughter their lives irreversibly entwine, leaving no choice but to trust each other.

Corrupt criminals chasing them. Crooked cops lurking in the shadow of dark heinous crimes. Death knocking on too many doors.  A calculated kidnapping wrapped in betrayal, greed, ambition, family lies and family ties putting the very ones they wanted to protect in harms way. “What if doing what was right turned out not to be worth the cost?” was the question hot on their minds.

You’ll be wondering the same when every move closer to cracking the case is littered with bloodshed and violence. How many more people will die or get hurt? Maybe, it was time for Michael to turn himself in. Time to walk away from it all before more victims pay the price in the line of justice. Or could one more day in the heat of danger make all the difference in the world?

Wouldn’t want to ruin it for you but I can reveal this: they went forward in faith trusting God to the very end.

Hidden Agenda is the fast-paced, action packed conclusion to Southern Crimes series that grabbed my attention from the beginning and never let go. The final installment was enriched by the connection to the other two books but was solid as a stand alone volume. It held me spellbound as the intriguing characters brought the enthralling drama to life.

What I especially loved about this novel is how Lisa Harris brilliantly strung together threads of suspense, love, and life lessons into a story that captures your heart, keeps you at the edge of your seat with surprise twists and turns, while inspiring empathy, faith and the courage to seek the truth. The truth that indeed sets us free.

Every page swept me on roller coaster ride of emotion and anticipation. My heart raced. My heart melted.  My heart danced. My heart broke. With all my heart I highly recommend it!

While some things are mysterious, one thing I know for sure. There’s always plenty of encouraging words served with a measure of inspiration whenever we link-up at Holley Gerth’s place. So let’s head on over and enjoy some heart-warming Coffee for Your Heart together. See you there!

Disclosure – I’m honoured and delighted to be on board the Hidden Agenda Blog Tour with Revell Publishing who generously provided a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for this unbiased review.

Thank you  Holley Gerth
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Chasing Down Justice and Truth

Cover of Deceived by Irene hannonValium addiction behind her and leadership role at New Start before her, Kate Marshall was all set to begin a new normal since her husband and son drowned 3 years ago. Abruptly, one word spoken by a child at the mall would slam the breaks on moving forward.

Poppysicle. The word her son Kevin used for popsicle came from a boy with the same blond hair as hers. He also appeared to be the same age as her son would have been. The voice was carbon-copy, and there was a spark of recognition in his eyes as he turned towards Kate when she called his name. He may even have come up to her. Except the man accompanying the boy whisked him away in a hurry.

Could it be that Kevin was still alive? Could she even dream it was possible? Not according to the accident report. Not according to both mall security and local police when Kate raised the possibility. Perhaps she was grasping at straws, delirious from grief and insane hope. Her mother’s instincts told her otherwise.

If the son she left for dead is still alive, she was going to do her best to find out. Surely a good private investigator could get to the bottom of what happened that day at Braddock Bay. That’s exactly what former Secret Service agent Connor Sullivan promised to do. He admitted it was a long shot, but there was enough substance in Kate’s suspicions to merit taking on the case. Besides, he kind of liked her.

Greg Sanders, by all appearances was a good man. Evidence pointed to his being reliable, trustworthy, and as squeaky-clean as they come. By all accounts, and Connor’s own observations, he dearly loved the adopted son Kate believed might be hers. Not at all, the sign of a cold-blooded killer. But then again after losing his wife and son “even normal, well-adjusted, caring people can crack up when forced to endure enough stress or loss or grief. We all have our limits.”*

If not him, then what? It could all be a waste of time. Or it could be the reunion miracles are made of. Danger loomed darker with each turn closer to the truth. With brilliant use of foreshadowing, Irene Hannon had me from page one. There was just enough intrigue and mystery to make Deceived hard to put down without keeping me awake at night.

The animated characters in the story drew me into the plot and made it credible. They came off as real people and added a bit of  humour and warmth to the narrative. There’s plenty of suspense to hold your attention while a smidgen of romance leaps into your heart. Just when all the clues seemed to line up as anticipated I let out a gasp! Surprised and horrified I couldn’t believe the unexpected twist. That’s what makes this a great novel. Kept me riveted from beginning to dramatic, heart-stopping conclusion.

I’m honoured to be included in Revell’s Blog Tour for Deceived, the third installment in the Private Justice Series, which I received in exchange for this unbiased review. The novel reads smoothly as a stand alone with just a hint to the past books to entice you to go back and read the other two.

Isn’t it comforting to know the same God who showed up in the mystery of the Deceived story line with truth and justice shows up in the story of our life? In so many ways. One of favourites is the weekly link-up at Holley Gerth’s place where we meet the author of our salvation inside the heart and words of the Coffee for Your Heart Community. Won’t you join me there today for a cup of encouragement and inspiration?

*Quote from Deceived by Irene Hannon

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